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All posts that include featured photographers pictures from The Head and The Heart on the road, as well as band related art etc.

On June 1-3, The Head and The Heart played three sold out shows at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. Having bought my ticket months ago for their June 9th show, it was hard to believe the day had finally arrived. This was my fourth time seeing them perform and even though I knew what to expect, I still found myself captivated throughout their set. Singing along to all of their songs, I realized that unlike my previous times of seeing them, for the majority of the set, I was singing along with the entire audience. Because all three nights sold out and tickets we’re hard to get, it was really fun to attend their show amongst other super-fans.

Even after seeing them perform twice this year, I am still looking forward to the next time I can see them live, and I am beyond excited for their new album to come out.

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Jennifer Kajioka

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About Paul:

Paul Broome is both a photographer and a musician, but primarily a photographer of musicians. He is based in the Staffordshire countryside, slap bang in the middle of England. While gigs and band shoots form the bulk of his work, he fills in the gaps with the odd commercial and wedding assignment. He is also photo editor and reviewer for the UK-based Midlands Rocks website.
More information at: and

Paul on ‘The Head and the Heart’:

It’s always a real pleasure when you’re surprised by a quality band showing up unexpectedly in a support slot. I discovered The Head and the Heart in that very way when I showed up to photograph My Morning Jacket at the gig you’re looking at now (HMV Institute, Birmingham, UK – 3rd November 2011). As a gig photographer on assignment it can be difficult to switch your head out of shooting mode and into listening mode – you only have those first three songs to capture the “money shot”, so generally speaking switching out of shooting mode isn’t a luxury you can afford! But as soon as The Head and the Heart took to the stage, and launched into that powerful opening couplet of ‘Cats and Dogs’ and ‘Coeur D’Alene’, I was captivated. It’s generally a good sign that I’m enjoying a band if I have to remind myself to stop bouncing along in order to compose my shots, and I was doing a lot of that on this night.
Once those opening three songs were done and dusted, I retired to the audience and started enjoying the performance properly. ‘Rivers and Roads’ was a particularly emotive moment of the gig for me, when that final climactic section kicked in I knew this was a band that I needed to get to know really well.
The album has been on constant rotation on my turntable since the gig, I’m ramming my appreciation of The Head and the Heart down the earholes of every person I speak to, and I’m hoping that we’ll get another chance to appreciate their talents in the UK very soon. I feel pretty dumb for not catching onto the band sooner, but – hey – I’m here now, and I’ll be following them all the way.


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Who is Joe?:

Joe Stadele is a Commercial Producer/Videographer and Photographer in the Madison, WI area. His photography primarily focuses on landscapes and nature but also commercial/event, food and people. For more information go to:

Joe on THATH:

I first learned of The Head and The Heart on a trip to Seattle in August of 2010…
I’m a passionate music fan with interest in bands from The Smashing Pumpkins & Pearl Jam to Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket and Sigur Ros. While on vacation in Seattle, I searched out local record shops and spent some time at the Queen Anne & West Seattle Easy Street Records locations, which have a great selection of music and promote local acts. While browsing through the local section of the Queen Anne store, an album cover of a woman with a guy in a sheep’s mask smoking a cigarette caught my eye. That Robertsen Ashman photo kind of stuck with me and though I didn’t buy it that day, I returned to Easy Street another day specifically to purchase the album. Upon listening to the album, “Down In The Valley” initially caught my ear and after a few listens I really dug the music. The songs were meaningful and interesting with different time changes and great harmonies. It was really a happy accident. Upon returning to Wisconsin I spoke of it to a local record store and no one knew who they were…that is until Sub Pop signed them in January and the album was reissued with “Rivers & Roads” in April. It’s been interesting to watch the band go from 700+ fans to 50K+ on FB, the Conan performance and outperforming the headlining acts. Having attended several of their shows, I can say without a doubt the live performances are what make the band and create fans. High energy performances, emotionally true lyrics, and great musicianship that comes across incredibly cohesive. The Head and the Heart are really beyond that of their debut album and in my mind, one of the best and most honest bands to come out of the past 10 years.

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