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The Head and The Heart Daily: Jack Daniels Love and Firefly Fest.

by Daniel on April 3, 2012

Kenny and Bigfoot standing near a tree....

2 for Tuesday!

What does Kenny have in common with a bottle of Jack?

The Head and The Heart will reunite with their Aussie tour buddies, and play a show in Dallas Texas on April 12 2012 as part of Jack Daniel’s Studio No.7 initiative. The details are as follows:
For more info on the show, or to register to get tickets log on to the Jack Daniels Site, and register HERE
Note: Residents from the following states can register for passes: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

For those in the local Dallas area, the Observer street team will be giving away passes to the event at the following locations and times:

4/3/12 Elm Street in Deep Ellum 7:00pm-9:00pm
4/4/12 McKinney Ave in Uptown 7:00pm-9:00pm
4/6/12 Lower Greenville Ave 7:00pm-9:00pm
4/7/12 Bishop Arts District 4:00pm-6:00pm

Firefly Festival:

The state of Delaware finally has a festival, and the lineup is Jam Packed with solid acts including your favorite band The Head and The Heart. The festival takes place July 20-22 at the Woodlands at Dover Downs International Speedway.
The lineup includes the likes of: The Killers, The Black Keys, Jack White, Death Cab for Cutie, John Legend, The Flaming Lips, OK GO, Grouplove, and many more. The full lineup can be found on the official festival site. Tickets go on sale tomorrow April 5th and start at $178 for a regular 3 day pass, $595 for a VIP 3 day pass, and $1195 for a super VIP 3 day pass. For the full details on what is included on each pass check out the official ticketing page.

FYI: For those of you who were at the show at The National on March 21st and wanted a poster but did not get one they are still available online HERE. I accidentally added 6 to my cart so I know that there are at least 5 left.

From around the web:

Since the last post The Head and The Heart have closed out the first leg of their 2012 tour, and have earned rave reviews along the way.
Here are the last few and some articles that have trickled in over the last few days.

Show Review: The Head and the Heart – – (Athens GA Show Review) – You know you are reading a positive review when you come across a line like this: “When the band played Josh McBride I pretty much peed myself.” click the link above for some more love :) .

CONCERT REVIEW: A PACKED PAGEANT SWOONS FOR THE HEAD AND THE HEART (WITH DREW GROW AND THE PASTORS’ WIVES), SUNDAY, MARCH 25 – KDHX.ORG – (St. Louis, MS, Show Review) – This review reads more like a play by play following the songs, and the crowd’s reaction from start to finish.

Concert Review | The Head And The Heart at The Pageant in Saint Louis(St. Louis, MS, Show Review) – This is probably one of the most interesting reviews I have read to date. I don’t want to spoil it so I will only give you the last line – “The future may indeed be bright for The Head and The Heart — only later, rather than sooner. And I’ll gladly wait it out.” It’s not a negative review, nor is it positive, it’s more of a long neutral observation….

The Head & the Heart @ The Pageant w/Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives, Black Girls } 03.25.12 – Music VS Man – (Concert Photos) Some great shots from the St. Louis show that link to the review written above. – The Bucknellian – (Album Review) – Always love when another album review pops up. “They are one of the few bands that can turn listening to an album into a true experience.”
I agree.

Live from Studio M: Head & The Heart – – (Live Performance) – THATH perform Down in the Valley live from Studio M

The Head & the Heart Show Review: Kind Of Little By Listen – (Show Review) – A really strong review of Drew Grow & The PW and not much to say on THATH. Worth a read if you had a chance to see Drew Grow this past tour, and fell in love.

The Head and the Heart !!! – The Campus Buzz on WSOU – (Concert Photos/Video) – I’m not really sure what to write about this one.

COUNTDOWN: 16 Days to Coachella – The Head And The Heart - The Owl Mag – (Feature Article) – A quick look at The Head and The Heart and their music.

COACHELLA 2012: The Head and the Heart – PE.COM – (Feature Article) – Just like the above article, a primer for those attending Coachella looking to get a peek at who THATH are.

The Head and The Heart – Rolling Stone My Favorite Concert – (Show Review?) – This popped up this past week although it happened a while back, and makes for an interesting read.


Winnipeg Folk Festival: SCENE’s guide to the 2012 lineup – CBC.CA

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