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The Head and The Heart Holiday Week Round Up: The Shins, Sasquatch, SLC, Red Rocks

by Daniel on June 1, 2012

It’s been a few days and a lot has been going down, so it’s time for a roundup of news from around the web.  The message is simple: don’t be a slacker or you will have to put together a hell of a long recap blog post.

Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson from The Head and The Heart perform live.

Interview: The Head and the Heart’s Tyler Williams on the band’s journey from open mics to three nights at The Fillmore – – Interview/ Feature

In a well written feature article/interview before the Fillmore shows Tyler reveals all, well maybe not all, but a lot. Here is a blip ““It’s not a healthy criticism circle up there. It bore down on Jon. It came out in one song … it’s pretty angsty,” he said. A second song, going with the working title of “Bird With Her Own Cage” will have a “hair” of electronica. “It’s about unrequited love, when you were young. And now you can actually have love, when you’re older. Does it mean the same as that unrequited love?”

Highly recommend checking out the full interview.

The Head & The Heart: Seattle Band Are “Liked,” A Lot – – Feature/Interview - 

A great article that was released before THATH’s Salt Lake City performance opening for The Shins:
“They had something like 1,700 fans, and we had something like 1,600,” says The Devil Whale bassist Jake Fish. “So, Charity bet [Jones] that they could have more fans at the end of a year or something, just kind of joking around.” As of press time, The Head & The Heart had nearly 100,000 fans; The Devil Whale had nearly 3,000.

“I think they won,” Fish says with a laugh.

The feature goes on to discuss the relationship between the two bands (The Head and The Heart and The Devil Whale), and then dives into the song writing process on the new album and creativity with some input from Tyler.

The Head and The Heart at Sasquatch:

Sasquatch! 2012′s 15 Best Moments and Unfortunate Mishaps – SPIN.COM – Making it to 15 Best Moments, and to not be one of the Unfortunate Mishaps is quite an accomplishment:
The Head and the Heart have come a long way since their first Sasquatch!, as demonstrated by the fact that this year the sextet played to the masses of mildly interested hill-perchers on the Gorge Amphitheatre stage Sunday afternoon. As locals (based in Seattle, a short three hours away), they were welcomed by screams as vocalist/violinist Charity Thielen thanked those “who have been with us from the beginning.”

Sasquatch! Day 3 – – Short Review -
On THATH’s performance at Sasquatch:
“The main stage was full of emotions on Sunday. Seattle band, The Head and the Heart played on the main stage in the afternoon. Their upbeat energy and beautiful harmonies struck a cord with the crowd. Female lioness, Charity Rose Thielen was adorable and said a tearful thank you to the audience.”

Sasquatch! 2012: The Head and the Heart – – Show Review -
“The Head and the Heart continue to grow, and they’re taking a gaggle of fans along with them. The Gorge Amphitheater was full of people who were anxious to get their sing-on with the old songs, and pay close attention to the new.”

This full length review article (possibly the only solely dedicated to THATH) on The Head and The Heart’s performance at Sasquatch really gives a nice look at the set and the crowds reaction.

Sasquatch Day 3: Blind Pilot, Hey Rosetta, The Head & The Heart, Bon Iver and more! – – Show Review
“This was my first time seeing The Head and the Heart. They definitely are a a group of talented people and I felt lucky that we were in there stomping grounds as they were sure to go the extra mile.”.

Sasquatch 2012: It’s All About The Ladies - – Feature? - 

Interesting write up on the ladies of Sasquatch 2012. If you like women, or women in music, or musically gifted women, or women who played music and dominated the scene at Sasquatch this article is for you.

On Charity:

Charity of The Head and The Heart

“Charity Rose Thielen: Seattle’s The Head & The Heart had one of the most receptive audiences at Sasquatch, and Charity Rose Thielen was truly grateful for that. She thanked them over and over. But the reason she’s on our list is her voice. The woman is a powerhouse! Besides being a masterful violin player, she also delivers her vocals with conviction and emotion. Apparently she shed a tear in her solo at the end of their set at Sasquatch and I’m sure she wasn’t the only one.”

Salt Lake City:

Concert Review: The Shins At Red Butte Garden – CityWeekly.Net – Show Review – “Saying The Head & The Heart’s (pictured below) folk-infused set was energetic wouldn’t be doing it justice. Every member of the band whaled on their respective instruments with their entire bodies, and such enthusiasm was an absolute joy to watch. With heart-tugging lyrics on songs like “Gone,” “Josh McBride” and “Down in the Valley,” The Head & The Heart were able to make a large venue like Red Butte Garden feel like a campfire singalong. Frontman Josiah Johnson and company showcased exuberant, powerful performances all around, and on “Rivers & Roads,” violinist Rose Thielen busted out some fantastic pipes in the chorus.”

blind pilot/ the head and the heart/ the shins 5-28-12 salt lake city, utah. red butte garden amphitheatre – – Show Review -
“the head and the heart is a band that i had heard of but never really listened to until i saw that they would be playing with blind pilot and the shins in salt lake city. (which is exactly how i discovered blind pilot when i saw that they would be opening for the decemberists.) but as soon as i heard them, i knew that i would love them.”

Thanks for sharing your article in the Show Reviews section in the forum!


Red Rocks:

The Shins at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 5/29/12 (photos and review) – – Show Review – Saved the worst review for last. This guy just didn’t get it, and that’s o.k. not everyone is going to be a fan.
“The Head and the Heart were particularly entralling for young folks in the audience. It was difficult, though, to hear through their ears. One girl just off the famous stairs was crying as she mouthed lyrics to a tune from the rootsy Seattle troupe. But, why? It all seemed desperate: lay-up shots of attempted catchiness circling around the rim before dropping to the floor. The band employs some amalgam of the smooth harmonies of Mumford & Sons with the contrived builds of Arcade Fire, but it all feels innocuous and unoriginal.”

The Devil Whale:

Just because we love The Devil Whale and in honor of being mentioned in the article above we decided to share this gem as well.

May 2012: The Devil Whale – KCPW.ORG – Feature/Video/Audio – May 2012′s featured artist is THE DEVIL WHALE

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