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The Head and the Heart iTunes Session

The Head and The Heart iTunes Session

Follow your heart

Josiah once said to me that he was a little bit disappointed that the studio album really did not fully capture the essence of The Head and The Heart’s live performance. I countered with “I think the iTunes session restores that balance.” Everything that went down in this session was totally off the cuff and in the moment. The band wanted to try something different and totally nailed it. I highly recommend this as a first listen when introducing anyone to the band as it really gets more of that live genuine feel that the band gives off when on stage.

Track listing and notes: (Notes come from release day post on November 29, 2011)

Lost in My Mind – New drum pattern that kicks in about one minute and five seconds in to the song. Really a great groove that gets your body moving and then one minute later reverts back to the foot stomping drumming on the original version. I love the way this small change adds a world of depth to the song.

When I Fall Asleep (Known as New Jam, or Sally) – I have been a huge fan of this song for a while now, and I am glad to see it included in this release. To me this song has always seemed like their most versatile song. It’s not fast, or slow, it just is what it is, and it makes you want to sing along.

Coeur d’Alene – Interesting to hear this song without being preceded by it’s frequent partner Cats and Dogs, yet surprisingly it didn’t feel out of place at all.

Rivers and Roads – Great stuff, glad you can hear Charity really belt it out with authority.

Cats and Dogs – This version is just a lot of fun. Honestly I don’t want to spoil it by writing anything about it. Listen to it. Now.

Ghosts – Just a solid overall recording, and a good listen.

Down in The Valley – Always have loved this song. Always will. Does not disappoint.

Ever Since (Known to fans as Chasing a ghost) – Whenever I hear this song, I picture a camp fire, a bearded man, and a romantic moment.
If I could sing like Jon, and play the guitar, I would build a fire, grow a beard, and just let it all happen. Really sweet song musically, with lyrics to match.

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