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The Head and The Heart Photo Series – Dylan Priest: The Head and The Heart at Doe Bay

by Daniel on August 30, 2011

On Dylan Priest:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Dylan Priest’s are worth at least a solid 1,500.
Dylan’s story began as a small child growing up in Kansas, when, according to his mother, he once produced a crayon drawing stating that he would grow up to be a photographer. He has never seen this drawing, but that did not keep it from becoming a binding contract on his life, and a felicitous one at that.
After studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dylan now lives and works in Seattle, where his passions for capturing beautiful music, people and moments have coalesced, even if the sunny days are harder to come by.

With his work, Dylan tries to capture those moments in between moments. He enjoys photographing people most of all, as he finds it’s the best way to get to know someone.
Dylan’s work has been featured in City Arts Magazine, Seattle Weekly, The Portland Mercury and the Communications Arts Photo Annual, as well as many local music blogs. He’s willing to travel for the right project.

Dylan on THATH:

I met THATH here in Seattle at one of their shows right before Doe Bay last year. I was really drawn to their music. At the time, things in my life were rocky, and their music brought a little hope into my life. I got a chance to hang out with them at Doe Bay as I was there and knew almost no one. I was just wandering about taking photos and kept finding myself in their company. During their Yoga studio set I was one of the people in the front row singing along and Josiah called me out on knowing all the words by heart. After the festival, I found myself really immersed in the local music scene here in Seattle. I would keep running into the THATH kids at the Open Mic or at other shows. Eventually I asked if I could tag along with them for their shows and shoot. After a few times doing that I went out on the road with them for small tours around the NW taking pictures and shooting videos. Not long after that, they were getting signed and touring the country. It’s not hard to see why. Their music can speak to so many people, it’s infectious and fun. They truly love what they are doing.

The pictures: Saying it is hard to pick and choose photos from Dylan’s collection is an extreme understatement. In order to fully exhibit his talents we have selected a few images from the pre-Doe Bay 2011 as well as plenty of images from this years Doe Bay Festival. So sit back, relax, click, and enjoy!

To enjoy all of Dylan’s work be sure to visit his website today!

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Dennis Priest September 4, 2011 at 12:35 pm

He is an awesome and amazing talent! And best yet, my loving son! :) Thanks for the posting, love you guys.


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