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The Head and The Heart Photo Series – Jennifer Kajioka: The Head and The Heart at The Independent & Treasure Island Music Festival

by Daniel on October 19, 2011

Jennifer on Jennifer:

I am an amateur photographer and while I like to take photographs of friends, places, and random moments, my favorite subject to shoot is live music. I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to not only see The Head and the Heart (THATH) perform twice in two nights, but also to take pictures for them. While I usually bring my camera along to concerts and have to stop myself from taking too many pictures, THATH’s show was the first time I forgot I had a camera because I was so captivated by their performance. (Their concert was also the first time that I had to apologize to my friend for singing too loudly.) I feel so fortunate that I could see THATH perform live and I’m glad I have these photographs to remember this incredible weekend.

More of my concert pictures can be found at my tumblr page:

Jennifer on The Head and The Heart at The Independent & Treasure Island Music Festival:

I first heard of The Head and The Heart when they performed on “Conan” and within the week I bought their album, learned to play their songs on guitar, and became an instant fan. When the Treasure Island Music Festival lineup was announced, I was undecided about attending until I saw THATH on the lineup. A couple of weeks later, they were selected to play a Treasure Island Night Show at The Independent and I was even more excited to be able to see them perform in a more intimate setting.

Saturday’s show at The Independent was indeed intimate. During Lemolo’s set, Jon stood next to my friend and me, and while I didn’t want to stare, I did use my peripheral vision for most of their set. The Head and The Heart came out for their set and the crowd was so enthused that I don’t think anyone noticed nor cared that it was midnight. From the beginning of their set you could tell it was going to be a fun night. Watching them perform live was better than I could have ever imagined. The harmonies and instruments seemed to be elevated to another level on stage and it was impossible not to sing-along. While everyone in the crowd was enjoying themselves, it’s possible that THATH were having an even better time on stage. Even though they played a full set and encore and it was after 1am, I was left wanting more. Thankfully, I had tickets to see them the next day!

Throughout the majority of the Treasure Island Music Festival, the crowd would go to one stage and after that act finished, would speed walk to the other stage. I decided to skip the act before THATH in order to get a good spot, and when I looked around I noticed that I wasn’t the only one to employ this strategy. When THATH came onto the stage the sun was directly behind them, but once they started singing no one seemed to notice that they were being blinded by the sunlight. Even though I saw them perform the night before in a much smaller setting, I still found myself connecting to their music (and singing and dancing uncontrollably.) I stood next to the speakers and while the music was loud, the crowd’s participation was just as powerful. As they finished their set, the sun began to set in the beautiful San Francisco bay and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect ending to my weekend with The Head and The Heart.

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