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It’s been a few days and a lot has been going down, so it’s time for a roundup of news from around the web.  The message is simple: don’t be a slacker or you will have to put together a hell of a long recap blog post.

Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson from The Head and The Heart perform live.

Interview: The Head and the Heart’s Tyler Williams on the band’s journey from open mics to three nights at The Fillmore – – Interview/ Feature

In a well written feature article/interview before the Fillmore shows Tyler reveals all, well maybe not all, but a lot. Here is a blip ““It’s not a healthy criticism circle up there. It bore down on Jon. It came out in one song … it’s pretty angsty,” he said. A second song, going with the working title of “Bird With Her Own Cage” will have a “hair” of electronica. “It’s about unrequited love, when you were young. And now you can actually have love, when you’re older. Does it mean the same as that unrequited love?”

Highly recommend checking out the full interview.

The Head & The Heart: Seattle Band Are “Liked,” A Lot – – Feature/Interview - 

A great article that was released before THATH’s Salt Lake City performance opening for The Shins:
“They had something like 1,700 fans, and we had something like 1,600,” says The Devil Whale bassist Jake Fish. “So, Charity bet [Jones] that they could have more fans at the end of a year or something, just kind of joking around.” As of press time, The Head & The Heart had nearly 100,000 fans; The Devil Whale had nearly 3,000.

“I think they won,” Fish says with a laugh.

The feature goes on to discuss the relationship between the two bands (The Head and The Heart and The Devil Whale), and then dives into the song writing process on the new album and creativity with some input from Tyler.

The Head and The Heart at Sasquatch:

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Read the full article...

Yes, that is almost a full sentence worth of lyrics from a Metallica song in the title above.

The day we have been waiting impatiently for, well one of them, has arrived. The Head and The Heart’s encore Fuel/Friends Chapel Session was released today, and to put it plainly its awesome. Heather has once again out done herself, and has not only recorded another incredible session, but documented it so well with her words.

The 4 songs recorded this time around were:
1)Honey Come Home
3)Fire/Fear (New!)
4)Untitled (New!)

If you have not yet had a chance to listen to THATH’s first Chapel Session I highly recommend doing so.

News From Around The Web:

This past Sunday the band played the Beale St. Music Festival in Memphis and somehow Charity found her way on stage to dance with Little Richard. Still have yet to see a picture of it happen, but did declare THATH’s “love fest” with the fans and “near-perfect set”, to be the 4th best moment of day 3 of the festival.


On Saturday The Head and The Heart had the opportunity? to open for Megadeth at the Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish boil. In an article by “Charity Rose Thielen, violinist and vocalist for the Head and the Heart, commented on the festival’s eclectic lineup from the stage. “I can’t say I’ve ever played the same stage as Megadeth or Snoop Dogg until today,” she said.”

The band also tweeted after the occasion: “Just got to end our set in Birmingham with “This is our last song, Megadeth is up next.” Never before, never again.”

For some fan tweets on the set def. worth taking a look at this article also by

The band also announced last week that it will be playing the 35th annual Vancouver Folk Festival. For more info on the show itself, and ticketing details, check out the festival’sofficial site.

And last but not least the article below was published.

SEATTLE SCENE: The Head and The Heart – The Owl Mag – (Feature)
The Head and The Heart, and Seattle, and stuff.


Read the full article..., The Head and The Heart fan community is extremely excited to present the fourth video in our exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview series with the members of The Head and The Heart. These interviews are truly by the fans and for the fans: offering a peek inside the mind of the members of The Head and The Heart and giving us – the fan community – a chance to get to know the band, beyond the music, in a more personal way.

Part 4 – Exclusive interview with Charity Rose Thielen – Vox, Violinist and much more!

As the tours continue, and things change over time, we will continue to interview the members of the band, and ask them questions that are submitted by you! If you have a question you would like us to use in a future interview please send it to

Our earlier interviews can be found here:

Kenny Hensley

Josiah Johnson

Tyler Williams

A HUGE thank you to Gabriel Volcovich (Volco Films) for cutting, editing, and salvaging what he could from this video. This material was not easy to work with, as there was a ton of background noise, and we really appreciate all his hard work!

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