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As a representative of, I had the privilege of joining The Head and The Heart on the UK portion of their most recent jaunt through Europe, supporting My Morning Jacket (with a couple of headline shows interspersed). 5 shows in 6 nights in 5 different cities, each magical in its own way. Here’s my tour recap:

Wow, these guys tour hard. Watching the band on the road only affirmed for me how dedicated these six individuals, whose music we’ve all come to love, are to their craft. They gave 100% of themselves at every show, and powered through jet lag, exhaustion from the road, and occasional sound issues to offer a killer performance each night, and all without ever losing their upbeat attitudes and their willingness to connect to their fans. Multiple times, I watched Josiah, forehead dripping sweat after a heartfelt and energetic set, stop to kneel down at the side of the stage and shake the hand of a new European fan, ask them their name and thank them genuinely for coming out to see the band. It’s those kinds of moments that represent everything I love about this band.

Night 1 :: 11.3.11 :: Birmingham
My first show of the European tour. Flew in that morning from NYC. Strange experience seeing THATH as an opener after an amazing sold-out fall headlining tour back home. And what gives with these European show times!! Doors at 6, THATH at 7pm?!?! Guess I was going to have to skip the pre-show dinner for a few nights to make it on time. Small but appreciative crowd at the HMV Institute show. Was right along the rail between Kenny and Charity. Some minor sound issues during the set (I heard the band wasn’t even given time to sound check) but that did not deter them from putting on a strong short-but-sweet opening set. What a great moment being across the ocean and hearing Charity belt out “rivers til I reach you” at the end of a great version of R&R.

Setlist – Cats & Dogs, Couer d’Alene, Sounds Like Hallelujah, Ghosts, Lost in My Mind, Down in the Valley, Rivers & Roads.

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About Paul:

Paul Broome is both a photographer and a musician, but primarily a photographer of musicians. He is based in the Staffordshire countryside, slap bang in the middle of England. While gigs and band shoots form the bulk of his work, he fills in the gaps with the odd commercial and wedding assignment. He is also photo editor and reviewer for the UK-based Midlands Rocks website.
More information at: and

Paul on ‘The Head and the Heart’:

It’s always a real pleasure when you’re surprised by a quality band showing up unexpectedly in a support slot. I discovered The Head and the Heart in that very way when I showed up to photograph My Morning Jacket at the gig you’re looking at now (HMV Institute, Birmingham, UK – 3rd November 2011). As a gig photographer on assignment it can be difficult to switch your head out of shooting mode and into listening mode – you only have those first three songs to capture the “money shot”, so generally speaking switching out of shooting mode isn’t a luxury you can afford! But as soon as The Head and the Heart took to the stage, and launched into that powerful opening couplet of ‘Cats and Dogs’ and ‘Coeur D’Alene’, I was captivated. It’s generally a good sign that I’m enjoying a band if I have to remind myself to stop bouncing along in order to compose my shots, and I was doing a lot of that on this night.
Once those opening three songs were done and dusted, I retired to the audience and started enjoying the performance properly. ‘Rivers and Roads’ was a particularly emotive moment of the gig for me, when that final climactic section kicked in I knew this was a band that I needed to get to know really well.
The album has been on constant rotation on my turntable since the gig, I’m ramming my appreciation of The Head and the Heart down the earholes of every person I speak to, and I’m hoping that we’ll get another chance to appreciate their talents in the UK very soon. I feel pretty dumb for not catching onto the band sooner, but – hey – I’m here now, and I’ll be following them all the way.


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Not much to report in terms of “news,” but there are 2 articles that popped up mentioning The Head and The Heart, that we seemed to have missed during the week.

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and the second from this past Friday,

Cocktail Music: The Head and the Heart - Passport Magazine Blog (

The article is just a quick intro to the band and their music.

If you know of any articles from this past weekend that have not been mentioned, please feel free to send a link over to info at and we will try to get it up a.s.a.p.


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