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I hope everyone enjoyed their extended holiday weekend!

Listed below are this past weekend’s The Head and The Heart news and headlines from around the web. Enjoy!

The Most Criminally Overlooked Artists Of 2011 –
Possibly my favorite find of the weekend. I found it interesting that the author notes that she is surprised that “The Head And The Heart didn’t blow the hell up in 2011″. If this wasn’t blowing up, I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for these guys (and girl).

The Head and The Heart managed to keep the theme of making it to the top of 2011 lists alive this weekend:

MoJo Readers’ Top Albums of 2011 –

A Year in Concerts - Curiosity
The Head and The Heart singled out as the second best performance the author has seen this year.

[5-1] The 25 Best Songs of 2011 –
Lost in My Mind by THATH comes in at number 5.
“Seattle’s The Head and the Heart love music. They live for it. You can feel it when you hear their songs, and you can see it when you watch them live.”

Franklin Concerts’ Top 10 Albums of the Year –
Coming in at #3

Ranked #90 out of top 150 songs of the year. “I know what your all thinking, The Head and The Heart all the way back at 90 out of 150!?! They deserve better I agree and don’t worry they will certainly redeem themselves towards the conclusion of our countdown.”

Best of ’11: The Head And The Heart –
“The Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear 2011
Track 13: The Head And The Heart, “Down In The Valley”

Top 25 of 2011: #24 The Head and the Heart (Self-Titled) –
Props for noting its a re-release of an album released in 2010, and still listing it this year.

Top 5 Albums of 2011 – Kristin Hallbrook

3. The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart – The Monday Shuffle
Out of 25 albums the author ranked The Head and The Heart the third best album of the year.

M&T Best Albums of 2011: #8 –
“For the band’s 6 young members this is only the beginning of a career that will go down in folk rock history.”

BEST OF 2011: ALBUMS (20-16) AND SONGS (40-31) –
16 out of 25
“Top to bottom, this album is fantastic.”

Indy Rock Live Top 8 Concerts of 2011 –
“The room was hot but the band was hotter.” – Regarding THATH’s performance at The Earth House on 8/5/2011

The 25 Best Paste Live Videos of 2011 – Paste Magazine
#13 Winter song.


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The Head and The Heart Daily: Nov. 14, 2011

by Daniel on November 14, 2011

Never too early to get a start on The Head and The Heart news from around the web.

Pandora: the Head and the Heart at Treasure Island Music Festival 2011 “Music” – Jaded Multimedia – Quick piece less than 3 minutes on the origins of The Head and The Heart & their music with Jon,Josiah, and Tyler.


The Head and the Heart to Support Grouplove on Falls Sideshows – Timber and Steel


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The Head and The Heart News Rewind Nov. 7, 2011

by Daniel on November 8, 2011

Unfortunately it looks like there is nothing new or groundbreaking to report. From what I hear the band is having a great time in Europe, and is looking forward to playing their headlining gig at The Garage this Wednesday night in London. I did some poking around the internet and found an article featuring an interview with Josiah Johnson of The Head and The Heart, from early October by Bobby Tanzilo of In this particular interview Josiah spoke about the differences between being the opening band, and the headliner.

Josiah Said:

“I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves as an opening band, because we don’t just want to be the opening band that people don’t really care about or don’t remember. We always put a lot of pressure on ourselves however many people we’re playing for.

Now we get to feel like a love back from the audience, which you don’t get as much as an opening band. There’s something about the headlining shows, the relationship between us and the audience feels really amazing. I can’t wait to be able to go out and do that. The headlining tour is going to be this whole different moment.

There’s a lot of pressure if people have seen you before which by now many people have by now, to give something more,” he says. “But I think, ultimately, it’s more rewarding. It feels less like straightforward entertainment and it feels more like just being able to connect with an audience that has a connection to your songs and that’s less pressure. Now we’re all on the same page. What we’re giving off of the stage is being given right back to us.”

I highly recommend checking out the entire interview and article if you get a chance, because even though it was written a month ago, the content is still ripe with flavor.

Check it out here:
The Head and The Heart’s accomplished debut continues to fuel momentum


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